The happiest and most successful people are those who do what they love. Perhaps, a significant part of Dalimo’s employees and, of course, those who came to it 10-15 years ago, may subscribe to these words.

With pleasure and interest, we have been building and developing a company for a quarter of a century, which has become a school of life and profession, a second home and almost a family for many-many people. Here we spend a considerable part of our time; it’s not just colleagues who work here, but people whom we respect, as well as our friends and relatives. There is no cunning when we say that Dalimo is a team of like-minded people united by their favorite business and common goal.

Today we are engaged in the promotion of food in Russia and abroad, and we are succeeding in it. The company's mission states: “We provide the maximum variety of goods, services, prices and retail formats. We strive to ensure that our work brings joy and satisfaction to our employees and partners. ”

In essence, we create diversity and freedom of choice!


employees working in different Russian regions
years in business
presence regions in Russia

presence regions in Russia
1 004
of them are men who feel confident about the future
while 307
male employees are single

a perfect dalimo employee

  • successfully and with pleasure works - in a team and independently,
  • respects others - customers and colleagues, regardless of their position,
  • is initiative and decent, interested in everything new,
  • is not afraid of complex and non-standard tasks,
  • is active at work and in life.

corporate life

Those who work hard play hard. We have adhered to this principle for several years.

Traditionally, we joyfully and sincerely celebrate such holidays as the company's birthday, New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day, March the 8th, and Health Day.

Before the New Year, we organize a great Christmas party for the children of our employees. On this day, boys and girls can not only attend a magical holiday, but also see where and with whom their mothers and fathers spend a significant part of their time.

Corporate evenings, paintball, trips to the camp site (with children) - all of this is also our cup of tea. If you want to know how these events go, take a look at our photo reports.

You are the best!

Do you love and want to travel? We will provide this opportunity: the key thing is to have an unexpired foreign passport and your feet loose. The fact is that every year a team of the best sales managers from Samara and Dalimo branches gets together to go on a trip. They have already visited Dubai, Prague, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Sochi

Demonstrate a high performance and you will be able to become part of Dalimo team of the best!

Education and development

The company is evolving with the development of each employee. It is another axiom without which Dalimo would not exist.

Life is constantly changing, even the best knowledge and skills need updating. We understand that and we are willing to learn - in practice, while solving business issues, at seminars and conferences, trainings and webinars, as part of various educational programs and self-training.

We are ready to offer ambitious people non-trivial professional tasks. This is an opportunity to test yourself, learn new things and, if successful, make a career in the company.